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New investment articles published on FEF’s website 

On a regular basis FEF lecturers conduct research in the field of investment analysis. The resulting articles are not only published in investor magazines in the Netherlands, but can also be used in the FEF-courses and in the meetings of the ISCUA (the investment study club of the university of Aruba).

For the month of January two articles have been published:

  1. Royal Bank of Canada: the best bank in North America
    • RBC was one of the very few banks that did not need government support in 2008.
    • RBC was even strong enough to expand during the crisis as it acquired RBTT
    • The competitive landscape of the Canadian banking system is totally different from the cut throat American banking system.
  2. Pig cycle in the oil business…been there, done that
    • oil prices have dropped sharply in recent months
    • the drop in prices is caused both by factors on the supply side and demand side
    • price development of recent years follows a clearly recognizable pattern, which is called the pig cycle
    • there have been pig cycles before in the oil business. historical parallel shed light on most likely future development of the oil prices.
    • the final version of the article has been made freely available to investors at the website of a well known Dutch investor community.


Herewith the link to the articles: