FEF – Integrated Project: “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

“The prize for the overall-winner of the 3rd Integrated Project went to “Crioyo Restaurant”, which group made a business concept for an authentic Aruban restaurant to help develop the economy on the east end of the Island of Aruba.

The student team consisted of Rachel Tromp, Kimberly Figaroa, Michelle Navarro and Stephany Wathey. On the picture you see Kimberly, Rachel and Michelle (from the left to the right) accompanied with two of the five guiding lecturers. The winners get a check with a total value of Afl. 500, donated by the RBC Bank. On behalf of the FEF we herewith congratulate the winning team, and thank all the students for their great effort, their hard work and their creativity, perseverance and idealism for creating a better community by doing good business. Pabien!”