International Project FEF

On Thursday October 15th the closure of the International project was held in APEX building in which students had to develop a strategic partnership between a Dutch (Vopak) and an American company (Valero).

Our Aruban students represented the management of Valero and students of the University of Utrecht represented that of Vopak.

During the presentations, students had to convince the stakeholders of both companies by elaborating on the synergy value of the cooperation in the form of a take-over by Valero.

The (real) company Valero – Aruba sponsored a prize for the group which performed the best presentation. The winning group of Aruba consisted of: Meldrick Solognier, Nilson Esteba, Gissiane Barros, Gregory Franken and Jalyn Madayag. On the picture you see the winners from left to right with the issued certificate.