Kick off Academic Foundation Year at the University of Aruba

On Thursday, September 1, the new program of the University of Aruba called Academic Foundation Year was launched in the Aula of the university. 65 new students have started this new program that aims to bridge the gap between high school and higher education.

The students will be trained in language skills, research skills and thinking skills and will go through a coaching trajectory that has been tailor made for the program. Students in the Foundation Year will get the opportunity to participate in courses at the faculties of the university as well as electives offered by the program itself so they can experience the characteristics and challenges of the academic disciplines.

The Minister of Education, Lifelong Learning and Family Affairs, mrs. Michelle Hooijboer-Winklaar, took the time to come and greet the new students of the new program. She underscored the fact that the Academic Foundation Year is a great opportunity for the students of Aruba to be better prepared for their academic careers. She also congratulated the Foundation Year team and the University of Aruba for a tremendous job in designing the curriculum, providing the facilities and creating a new teaching and coaching team.

In order to facilitate the program, the University of Aruba has expanded its facilities with new flexible workspaces for the Foundation Year team and two temporary classrooms to make sure that the students will be accommodated with all the facilities they need. The new facilities were officially opened in the presence of the students and staff at the end of the introductory program.

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