Introduction to: Double Degree Programme

Written by Ms. Sandy van Thol LL.M. in cooperation with UA alumni

Currently the Faculties of Law of UA and Maastricht University are busily preparing for the kick off of the Double Degree Programme (“DDP”) “International & European Tax Law: American Specialization” as per the 2016-2017 academic year! This is a one-of-a-kind Master’s programme, and the first DDP in the region.

In order to gain access to this prestigious programme, the prospective student must have substantial knowledge of tax law. In the introduction phase of the DDP, the UA and Maastricht University organized Spring courses in March of this year. Ms. Van Thol, coordinator of the DDP, interviewed two UA-alumni who attended the Spring courses, both of whom passed the exams, gaining access to the DDP!

Please contact Ms. Van Thol should you be interested in gaining access to the DDP as per the coming academic year or the year after. The programme will in principle be in place for the next 3 academic years.

For more information, please refer to or contact Ms. Van Thol (

Ms. Van Thol is an alumna of Maastricht University, affiliated with the IBFD as Caribbean Regional Editor and is the owner of a private tax advisory practice in Aruba named Sotto Voce Solutions.