Restructured post-bachelor Accountancy program at FEF

Major changes have recently been implemented in the Dutch accountancy programs to become a registered AA or RA accountant.

In the future, the ‘general’ AA-accountant (Accountant- Administratieconsulent) and/or the RA-accountant (Register Accountant) will no longer exist, because all future accountancy students have to choose an orientation when they start their post-bachelor AA or post-master RA education. The three orientations they can choose from are Assurance, Accountancy-SME and Accountancy-Finance.

The faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing of the University of Aruba (UA) anticipated these changes and restructured its program based on the above-mentioned developments. In cooperation with its new Dutch partner hboA&A, the new post-bachelor AA program is already currently being offered this academic year, with a specific orientation on Accountancy-SME.

The renewed program already is entirely based on the learning outcomes for accountancy programs 2016, while almost all accountancy programs in the Netherlands this still work this year with the learning outcomes of 2008.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, Mr. drs. Garrick de Cuba RA, Executive Director of Ernst and Young Aruba (EY), handed out the newest financial reporting handbooks to all students in the AA-program at the University of Aruba. EY has shown its support for the AA-education since the start of the program back in 2011. FEF’s dean, Mr. drs. Joost Jacobs, expressed his gratitude for this touching gesture from E&Y.