Erasmus Student Exchange: My exchange experience at EBC

Going abroad to a different country, with different language and culture can be challenging depending on how you handle it. Before going abroad a lot of preparation needs to be done. The period before I went abroad was a bit hectic, due to the fact that it was one week after the exams in January.

Searching for accommodation in Hamburg can be very difficult since there are a lot of scams, however thank God for the German couple who helped me find a perfect accommodation. Even though I knew the German couple, they unfortunately lived pretty far. In other words I was alone; this has made me become more independent.

This unique experience has elevated my perception of studying abroad, which enhances your skills in many aspects of life itself. Mostly how to interact with different types of characters. This was put to the test after I met my flatmates. Thankfully, they were very nice and fun.

Regarding transportation, there is the possibility to purchase a semester ticket with which train, metro, bus & ferry can be used in the zone specified. This method is great and in my opinion is better than the Netherlands’ system. Check in and check out is not needed in Hamburg when using the transportation mentioned above.

At the beginning of my Student exchange program I encountered a few problems. Firstly, I entered a class, which was stated on the website to be taught in English, however the Professor gave the lecture in German. So I told him that on the website it stated that the course would be in English. I went to the coordinator and they helped me replace the subject with another one.

The method of examination is more focused on cases, in comparison with UA. This was a big difference compared to how I’m used to getting exams at FEF.

This experience has broadened not only my knowledge, but most importantly my inner self to tackle new challenges. Studying at EBC Hochschule in Hamburg is a great option for any student from UA to explore.

I do personally recommend any student that wishes to not only broaden their knowledge, but also get new horizons to take advantage of this exchange program at Hamburg EBC Hochschule.

– Nathaly Dania –