UA Student Clubs: CKI Election coming up… A year in review

Kiwanis Circle K of the University of Aruba is a service organization formed to help the community through various service projects. It is part of an international organization led by Kiwanis International. With more than 13,770 members in 17 nations, CKI is making a positive impact on the world every day. CKI’s mission is to develop college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service. CKI is just one part of the Kiwanis family of service organizations. Kiwanis International, Key Club International, Builders Club, Kiwanis Kids, and Aktion Club are also part of the Kiwanis family.
Kiwanis Circle K of the University of Aruba is aimed to build fellowship and create leaders within each member through education, skills training, and service.

The organization works hard to raise funds for various causes. CKI is known to have projects not only on the micro level, but also on the macro level by assisting the whole community in different scenarios in life. The Club is known for various projects such as; Christmas dinner with the kids, Pasa Dushi cu CKI and not to mention their famous March of Dimes cupcake sale which takes place on Valentine’s Day. This year the club broke all of their previous sales records and sold over 3250 cupcakes. The cupcake sale is organized every year to benefit a child in need. The child is chosen by the club and this year the club chose Rose-Marie Kock.

On Saturday 23rd of April Kiwanis Circle K of the University of Aruba installed their new board for the new academic year 2016-2017. The installation was held at the pool deck of the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino where all the Kiwanis family was invited to attend and support the students.

The night was to install the new board which consisted of;

President Kayla Haakmeester
Vice-President Javier Sandriman
Secretary Ms. Nixy Garaballo
Treasurer Ms. Ashley Rodulfo,
Immediate Past President Mr. Joshua Arrindell.

The new board of directors consisted of the new Social Director Mr. Jean Martin Meelis,
Service Initiative Director Ms. Nayla Geerman,
Public Relations Director Mr. Carlos Gil,
And Education Director Mr. Jay-Mar Gamarra

Kiwanis Circle K of the University of Aruba also appointed Ms. Denise Marulanda as Alumni Advisor.
Ms. Natalie Henriquez, University Advisor; Mr. Gavril Mansur y Mr. Marlon Maduro, Kiwanis Advisors.

The Kiwanis Circle K of the University of Aruba are very pleased by the support they receive from their mother club Kiwanis Club of Palm beach.

CKI also welcomed on the event new official members to the Circle K family:

Ms. Alizé Kock,
Ms. Stefania Ferrara,
Ms. Kelsey Arends,
Mr. Bryan Dirkz,
and Ms. Narisa Khan.

Bringing education to a challenge

The Kiwanis Circle K of the University of Aruba is known to have a very diverse group of members from different faculties. One of the recent bonding and educational projects was the recent event “Eliminate GAME NIGHT”. This event required the students of the University to team up with friends and form a group ranging from 4 to 7 teammates to challenge their knowledge in general knowledge questions. The Eliminate Game Night was organized in order to raise funds for The Eliminate Project in order to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus, a deadly disease that steals the lives of nearly 49,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year.
What’s next for the Circle K?

The Kiwanis 101st International Convention dated June 23rd – 26th, 2016 in Toronto. This year the University of Aruba will partake once again in an international event hosted by the international board of Kiwanis. This event will the moment for the Kiwanis Circle K of the University of Aruba members to once again represent Aruba as one the most popular clubs at the events. The daily board is currently planning the special message they would like Toronto to remember our little island by.

New academic year 2016-2017

Let’s trace back to your introduction day of the University of Aruba, remember the hyper, social, and informative crew on site? Yes, over 90% of the team supporting the introduction team excluding staff were Circle K members. They are known to volunteer all throughout the year, they are here to inform, support the University, and create a vibrant atmosphere for the new and current students. The introduction week of the University is one of the biggest chances for students to meet the crew, so don’t be scared and challenge yourself to listen up, look around you, and socialize with this super happy crew of volunteers!

‘Live to serve, love to serve’- Circle K International Motto.