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UA Student Clubs: SUA … A year in review

About SUA

The Studenten Raad van Universiteit van Aruba (SUA) was founded in 2013 with the main focus of advocating, representing students, and planning activities that encourage participation of all the students across the different faculties of the University of Aruba.

SUA’s current board consists of:
 Christopher Habibe (FEF) – President, Tian Xie (FDR) – PR Officer & Acting President, Yanelis Jimenez (FAS) – Policy Advisor, Diane Zievinger (FHTMS) PR Officer, Mireille Sint Jago (FDR) – Marketing Officer, Yahaira Kuiperi (FDR) – Board Officer, and Revelino Ruiz (FDR) – Board Officer.

SUA together with the organizing committee organized different activities during 2016 for the students, alumni and staff members. The main activities were: CMB Softball Face-Off Continued and SUA’s Enlightenment Night.

CMB Sports Face-Off Continued

28 February 2016
This year SUA together with the organization committee as well as the main sponsor CMB organized the interscholastic softball competition. The softball match was the continuation of the CMB Sports Face off that took place November last year that was postponed due to the bad weather. Students of the UA and different other schools participated in the competition and had to compete for the ultimate win. After a long battle, the EPI team won the grand trophy. However, all the students had fun, cheered and bonded with other students during this exciting match!

SUA’s Enlightenment Night

12 May 2016
The student body organized a night to enlighten everyone on the goals and achievements of the board since 2013 as well as to listen to different thoughts specifically focused to improve SUA. We are glad to say that we have received great feedback from students as well as lecturers and staff and will work with this feedback in order to further develop the student board.

In addition, SUA started the University of Aruba Toastmasters Club as a means to help students practice their communication skills (in English and Dutch) and develop their leadership skills by becoming a member of the Toastmasters Club board.

SUA Plans:

– Organize a gathering that will specifically focus on the student concerns.
– SUA Board Elections (the first week of November 2016).
– There will be more frequent meetings for the SUA board to discuss the students’ concerns and projects of SUA. You – will be informed of the dates on which these events shall be planned.

SUA Board Members Testimonials:

Door di a haya e chens pa ta den e board mi ta haña cu personalmente y profesionalmente ela desaroya mi den e abilidadnan di time management, social y engrandece mi network. Na mesun momento bo ta haya e chens pa hasi un diferencia na bo scol! – Christopher Habibe, President of SUA

Door di ta un miembro di SUA pa e dos aña nan ki ma siña hopi den organisacion, negociacion y anda cu nos studiantenan. Mi a bira un persona mas desaroya awo compara cu ora mi a drenta den SUA. – Tian Xie, PR Officer & Acting President

Mi ta sumamente orguyoso cu mi por a forma parti di SUA, e la yudami hopi den diferente area. Un di nan ta den e parti di advocacy na unda mi por a develop mi skills pa boga pa juda otro studiantenan y intermedia pa nan. Tambe mi por a crea un network basta amplio cu otro organisacionan paden y pafo di Universidad. – Yanelis Jimenez, Policy Advisor

Pa ta miembro di e directiva di SUA ta un tremendo experiencia. Bo ta siña con pa haci uzo di tur e talentonan di otro, pa logra descrubi, organisa y implementa ideanan cual ta na bienestar di tur studiante! – Mireille Sint Jago, Marketing Officer

SUA a permitimi conose studiantenan di otro facultadnan di mas serca. Esaki ta algo hopi great pasobra bo ta siña conose diferente hende den bo Universidad. Ademas, mi ta hopi contento di por a tin e oportunidad di yuda otro studiantenan y organisa actividadnan pa uni e studiantenan di diferente facultad. – Diane Zievinger, PR Officer

How can I join SUA?

Any UA student can join the upcoming board in November! Contact us at before the elections in the first week of November in order to participate in the democratic elections where all the UA students can vote for a faculty representative.

We hope to see you at one of our activities and we are always open to ideas, complaints, suggestions or any other thought from UA students! Contact us at and follow us on Facebook @SUA2013.

Article written by: Diane Zievinger
PR Board Officer of the Studentenraad University of Aruba
Student at the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies