Student Council of the University of Aruba (SUA)

The Student Council of the University of Aruba or Studentenraad van de Universiteit van Aruba has been a dream initiated by students of the University of Aruba. This dream ultimately became a reality in 2012 when the first elections were held. The first board was elected on November 16th, 2012. 

The board consists of democratically chosen representatives of each faculty. The representatives of each faculty form the organ who serves the interest of the student body of the University of Aruba.

In November 2016, the new board members for 2016 – 2018 were chosen through student voting. The new board members consist of:

  • President Milaynie Kelie
  • Vice-President Kenneth Vrolijk
  • Policy Advisor Sinthya Ridderstaat
  • Secretary Mileidy Gonzalez
  • Co-Secretary/Policy Advisor Tracey Werleman
  • Treasurer Tian Xie
  • Public Relations Officer Stephanie Arango
  • Vice-Public Relations Officer Jurney Tromp

Our mission is to be the voice of every UA student. It is our duty to defend the interests of every student. But it is also our duty to promote unity within the University of Aruba, among faculties and among students. The slogan of the 2016 – 2018 board is “UA Unified”. To achieve this vision, we have set up goals for ourselves.

Our main goal for this term is to promote transparency, so that students know what the Student Council is up to. To promote transparency, we will hold regular general meetings, where students are encouraged to join and actively participate in the meeting as well as form part of the quorum. We will also regularly hold meetings with class representatives so that we have a better view and understanding of what the students need in regards to their education. Also, the agenda of every meeting, for both internal and general meetings, will be published. We will also be bringing out a Newsletter at the end of every quartile.

Another way that we plan to achieve our goal of ‘Unifying the UA’ is to be active on all social media platforms. We want to improve the relationship between students and the Student Council by being more relatable to and approachable for the students. We believe that this is essential for a good relationship. We also have major events planned throughout the year, which we are sure you as a student will enjoy. These events will also serve to build a bond between students of all faculties and students who are here on exchange. 

The Student Council serves as the voice of every UA student. It is our utmost priority to defend the interests of every student. It is also our duty to help students individually and collectively in any way we can and to the best of our abilities.

The SUA has the privileged position of having access to the Rector and Board of Trustees. Through this access we have the ability to address issues that affect the students, give advice and intermediate as to decisions that will affect the student body.

In accordance with this the SUA has also set goals for itself: 

  • To represent the interests of the students of the University by addressing important matters affecting the student body.
  • To promote openness, transparency and consultation within the University.
  • To guard against discrimination of students.

If students, staff members or anyone wishes to contact SUA, then they will be able to do so via:


Facebook: @StudentenraadUA (SUA, Studentenraad Universiteit van Aruba)

Instagram: @studentenraadua

Snapchat: @studentenraadua

Anonymously @our website