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UN Sustainable Development Goals Planning Mission Aruba

On behalf of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals Aruba Commission’ and the Government of Aruba, we would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in the ‘UN Sustainable Development Goals Planning Mission.’

Meet the UN’s Scenario Building Team that will help create a pathway for the government, community, and organizations of Aruba to work together and reach an Economically, Socially and Environmentally Sustainable island by 2030, thereby achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
During this visit, a​ roadmap for the implementation of the SDGs will be developed, thereby allowing for the United Nations​ ​and Aruban government to​ achieve these interconnected goals ​o​n Aruba. ​​Please participate and ​contribute your ​own ​vision to​ ​the next step in making Aruba more​ ​economically, environmentally and socially ​sustainable.
The UN Sustainable Development Goals Planning Mission will take place from the 15 to 19 of May, 2017.​ ​​We ask that you ​please confirm your attendance ​here.