Operation Lunar Eclipse and the Moon Rock Project

Joe Gutheinz, a decorated retired NASA Office of Inspector General Senior Special Agent, who is better known as the Moon Rock Hunter, will give a speech on his efforts as both an agent and college instructor to locate and recover missing Apollo era moon rocks valued at millions of dollars.

Speaker Joe Guthheinz

Joe Gutheinz has been labeled the Moon Rock Hunter by the New York Times, Irish Times and by the History Channel, for his, and his students, successful efforts to find and recover missing Apollo era moon rocks. He is a second generation attorney and is a partner in the Gutheinz Law Firm, LLP, where he partners with two of his six sons.

He has been featured in several documentaries and television shows; has appeared on the BBC, Fox, the Oprah Winfrey Network and the History Channel and has been quoted in news stories all over the world.



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