We congratulate another new Doctor of Laws, UA-alumnus Ngo Chun Luk

On Thursday, December 14, 2017, Ngo Chun Luk, an alumnus of the Law Faculty of the University of Aruba (UA), defended his dissertation, entitled Diaspora Status and Citizenship Rights. A Comparative-Legal Analysis of Quasi-Citizenship Schemes of China, India and Suriname, at Maastricht University.

He wrote his dissertation under the supervision of prof. dr. Gerard-René de Groot (professor emeritus of Comparative Law and Private International Law at Maastricht University and professor of Private Law at the University of Aruba) and dr. Sergio Carrera (associate professor of European Law at Maastricht University).

Chun Luk studied law at the UA from academic year 2008/2009 until 2012/2013 and received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Aruban Law with honors. He also holds a master’s degree in International Law from Maastricht University.

He conducted his PhD research at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels (Belgium), as part of the TRANSMIC project which is coordinated by Maastricht University and funded by the European Commission’s Marie Curie actions.

Chun Luk still works at CEPS as a researcher.

The UA is very proud of Chun’s achievements and we wish him the best in all this future endeavors.