Rearranging our DNA!


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HR&D is part of the offices & centres that assist management of the University of Aruba and/or the faculties in executing their core activities in education, research and community services. This assistance consists of everything pertaining to human resource and development. Since 2010, the HR&D has been in a transitional phase.

We reorganized the HR&D activities in 3 main areas, namely strategic HRM, policies & procedures/HR metrics & analytics and employees’ relations and development. Our intention is to place HR operations as much as possible in the hands of the employees and managers. The freed time will then be used to focus on the critical factors, which are needed to reach the UA-goals such as HR-tools, internal communication, employees’ relations, policies and procedures and HR-metrics and analytics.

Our vision is “to attract, attach and engage” qualified personnel, so that together we can help in developing the UA into a modern, dynamic, innovative, internationally oriented learning organization and help the UA reach its strategic goals.

For the coming years, our priorities will be to “go back to basics” and implement some much needed HR-tools, such as modern job descriptions, which are simple, flexible and transparent; performance reviews (gesprekkencyclus) which will be introduced soon; HR-information system (AFAS) with self-service feature and start with HR-metrics and analytics to be able to assist the UA management, managers and employees better.