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Sep 12: Symposium: The road to good governance

‘Good Governance’ is about using representative authorities for ‘doing what is right the right way’. This requires a well functioning ‘moral compass’ and a functioning system of ‘checks and balances’. This symposium, organised by Stichting Deugdelijk Bestuur Aruba in close collaboration with the University of Aruba, will provide thoughts, debates and practical workshops on these […]

Sep 25: Craving change?

A how-to workshop for changing your relationship with yourself and food. Universiteit van Aruba in samenwerking met Twente Counseling en Food4me nodigt u uit voor een 3-daagse workshop. Het doel van deze driedaagse training is om meer bewustzijn te creëren van jouw persoonlijke manier om je leven in te richten en hoe je je eigen […]

Aug 28: Get use to the pen again

In need to clarify thinking, prioritize and accomplish your task, improve decision making and critical thinking or just getting all your ideas out on paper? Then journaling might just do all of this for you! The University of Aruba, Center for Lifelong Learning invites you to participate in the this workshop.

Language training tool Hogeschooltaal for OGM prospective students

Work on your personal Language-DNA Coming new Academic Year OGM will start with Hogeschooltaal. All incoming students and students who did not pass TV (Taalvaardigheid) will have to purchase a license online. More information and instructions will follow soon. If you’re an OGM prospective student you can visit their website in the meantime to familiarize […]