Feb 23: Territoriale geschillen in de caribische regio

De rol van het internationaal recht

Veel conflicten in de wereld hebben hun oorsprong in geschillen tussen landen over land- en zeegrenzen. Ook in de Caribische regio bestonden en bestaan de nodige (zee)grensgeschillen. In deze lezing zal worden ingegaan op de juridische grondslagen voor aanspraken van landen op land- en zeegebieden en de juridische middelen om geschillen daarover te beslechten. Vervolgens zullen enkele actuele geschillen in de Caribische regio onder de loep worden genomen.

Spreker: Prof. Fred Soons

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Feb 27: The heroes journey

Script, Myth and Leadership

The purpose
If you want to understand your life’s journey and explore what your next step is, then this is the workshop for you.

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Mar 01: Actualiteiten bestuurs(proces)recht

Meer menselijke maat in het bestuursrecht?

De afgelopen jaren heeft zich in de jurisprudentie van de hoogste Nederlandse bestuursrechters een aantal opvallende wijzigingen voltrokken. Sommige komen neer op een meer indringende toetsing, vaak ook op extra aandacht voor de omstandigheden van het geval. Daarmee lijkt sprake te zijn van meer menselijke maat in het bestuursrecht.

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Exploding light bulb on a blue background

Mar 01: Agility and Innovation

Accelerate agility and innovation in your business

The program
Once upon a time a focus on production and planning was enough to stay ahead of the curve. But we live in a turbulent world, with increasing complexity and uncertainty. So we have to come up with new answers. To thrive in a turbulent environment, we have to move from an individual leadership focus to an agile team focus.

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Mar 14: Reporting & blogging for engaged citizens

March 14, 21, 28 / April 11, 18, 25

Have you ever wanted to learn how to write clear, concise and informative stories? Whether you want to blog to express your opinions, or do the kind of objective reporting you read in international media, this series of six workshops will equip you with the tools you need to both write and pitch your own stories to media, or self-publish them online. The series will begin by touching on the phenomenon of ‘fake news’ and how engaged citizens need to be critical in their news consumption. It will detail different types of stories, how to achieve objectivity, balance in reporting, as well as how to find story ideas.

Through practical exercises and assignments, participants will learn how to ask targeted questions and hone their interviewing skills, as well as the ideal formula behind how to structure a news story. The workshops will equally discuss how to incorporate diversity, context and analysis in reporting, as well as how to express opinions effectively through persuasive writing, evidence, style and structure. You’ll get the chance to write your own news story or blog and have it critiqued as your final assignment.

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Refreshing good conversations

The lost of art of good conversation

Due to our social and environmental degradation, the human consciousness is becoming for coarse. Consequently, good attitude, good conduct, and good speech is waning.One particular element of our predicament is that our evolving technology intensifies the use of words and images through speed of communication. With the emphasis on speed, the mind is inclined to become more familiar with the language of negativity and develop it further. Because we take less time to think before we speak, we may project our anger around the globe via media before considering the outcome. Once we have uttered our message, karmic consequences are inevitable. The basic laws of the universe have not changed, and we will inevitably suffer as a repercussion of our negative actions.

The point is to reconnect with the sun of goodness in our hearts and use speech to awaken naturally good qualities in ourselves and others.

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The magic of reprogramming the mind!

We all know about habits.
Habits in what we say and habits in what we do.
But do you know that our mind also creates habits
in the way we think?

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Manifest your dreams successfully

During this workshop you will be inspired to connect to your creative intention through the perspective of mindfulness. It will be a hands-on event, encouraging you to reflect, journal and practice relaxation and concentration techniques. All designed to allow you to (re)connect with your greatest dreams and desires and build a focused way to actually manifest them! All this will be done in an informal, safe setting of guidance and feedback. Drinks and bites included. Experience this insightful and nourishing process of self-inquiry!

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Behavioral Finance: How your mind plays tricks with your money

Economic theory treats people as if they were making rational choices. In practice, however, we have limited rationality and use rules of thumb to make judgments and forecasts. We will investigate how these behavioral biases impact our financial decisions, and how we can avoid the most common pitfalls.

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Toegankelijkheid in een vergrijzend Aruba

De Universiteit nodigt u uit voor een verfrissend perspectief op het vergroten van toegankelijkheid van Aruba voor mensen met beperkingen, waaronder veelal 60-plussers.

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