Icons representing thoughts coming out of a head

“Manage knowledge! Really!?”

Practical Insights from Knowledge Management Experts [which are guaranteed to save you time]

Knowledge is today’s competitive advantage. Knowledge is power, although knowledge sharing can be even more powerful. It is also our most renewable resource, because unlike other resources, knowledge multiplies with sharing.

So it would make sense to ‘manage’ knowledge. But that’s easier said than done, as knowledge resides in our heads. Meanwhile, organizations dream: “If only we knew what we know”. And surely you have asked yourself; “Someone must have solved this problem before me!”.

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Child with the scale of justice

Luisteren naar de stem van het kind

Bij alle maatregelen betreffende kinderen, ongeacht of deze worden genomen door openbare of particuliere instellingen voor maatschappelijk welzijn of door rechterlijke instanties, bestuurlijke autoriteiten of wetgevende lichamen, vormen de belangen van het kind de eerste overweging’ (Internationaal Verdrag inzake de Rechten van het Kind (artikel 3, eerste lid)).

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Cargo ships & vehicles

Maritime Logistics & Transport Management

This course is valuable for any professional and/or people having an educational background in maritime logistics & transport. The course is for middle management/higher management and given on a Bachelor level. Course is also open for students from the University of Aruba with an interest in the topic.

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Zomerschool Nederlands post header image flags of the Netherlands and Aruba

Zomerschool Nederlands

Voor het hoger onderwijs 2017

Verbeter je spreek- en schrijfvaardigheid in het Nederlands in 9 dagen!

Leer beter schrijven, lezen, spreken en luisteren in Nederlands door heel intensief te oefenen met opdrachten uit de praktijk van het hoger onderwijs.

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Information Session Transport, Logistics, Ports & Aviation Programs

We cordially invite you to an information session for the Transport, Logistics, Ports & Aviation Programs offered by the University of Aruba in collaboration with STC-Group Holding B.V.

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My Or Your Way Signpost Shows Conflict Or Disagreement

Trying to find the 3rd way out

Hoe kom je tot de meest passende aanpak van een conflict?

Of je het nu wilt of niet, vaak kijk je als jurist met een juridische blik naar een conflict. Maar ik daag je uit: wat levert het je op als je eens door een andere bril naar conflict kijkt?

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Exploring a holistic indigenous world view for living a good Life

To live a Good Life in the Indigenous Ojibwe Culture is called Minobmaadziwin. It means to live in balance Spiritually, Emotionally, Intellectually and Physically. It is to live the Seven Grandfather Teachings, the Eight Basic Needs and the Thirteen Grandmother Moon Teachings insuring healthy relationships with one another and with Mother Earth and all of Creation.

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Back to essence

Conversations that matter

Many people have lost the connection with their true self, through which peace and happiness, the real essence of our life, can’t be experienced.

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Logo UN Sustainable Development Goals - SDG

UN Sustainable Development Goals Planning Mission Aruba

On behalf of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals Aruba Commission’ and the Government of Aruba, we would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in the ‘UN Sustainable Development Goals Planning Mission.’

Life after UA, what now?

The experience of students abroad

Mee Ling Cheong and Mitchell Geerman are both graduate students of the University of Aruba. After graduating from the University of Aruba, they have taken the next challenge to continue their studies abroad.

During the presentation the alumni will discuss the ins and outs of studying abroad.

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