Maatschappelijke pressie en rechterlijke tussenkomst in het regeringsbeleid

Op initiatief van een maatschappelijke organisatie – de stichting Urgenda – werd de Nederlandse staat in 2015 bij rechterlijke uitspraak bevolen zijn klimaatpolitiek te intensiveren.

Het vonnis van de Haagse rechtbank veroorzaakte grote opschudding, met name omdat het een rechterlijke tussenkomst in zaken van regeringsbeleid betekende.

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Spring Course: Fundamentals of International and European Tax Law

Course 2: Fundamentals of International and European Tax Law (introductory level)

This course gives an overview of the most important topics related to the taxation of cross border transactions at an introductory level.

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A man’s world?

Examining people’s perceptions of gender inequality

General trends in the workforce show that women’s participation has increased and that there is a growing number of women in higher education and leadership positions. At the same time, however, women still face substantial barriers in the workplace, such as discrimination, reduced pay, and sexual harassment. How do these “mixed signals” about women’s opportunities in the workforce shape people’s perceptions of gender inequality?

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Spring Course: Foundations of Taxation

Course 1: Foundations of taxation (introductory level)

Taxes are a fact of life! A good understanding of how taxation works would let you have more control over your business activities and your own economics. The course is oriented to any person who would like to have a fair approach to taxation for daily life.

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Basic IATA Air Transport of Hazardous Substances

What is Basic IATA Air Transport of Hazardous Substances?

The focus of this course is on regulations, applicability, restrictions, classification, identification, packing, markings and labelling, documentation, handling and loading.

With this course, you can bring yourself and your company to another level.

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Droga y e Celebro

E meta principal di e disertacion “Exposed: Interactions between acute drug experiences and affective cues” (2016) tabata, di un banda, investiga e interaccionnan entre experiencianan causa pa uzo agudo di droga y exposicion na estimulonan afectivo, y, di otro banda, evalua e interaccionnan entre e diferente droganan durante exposicion simultaneo na multipel droga.

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How technology can drive us to produce sustainable products

It is so nice to be an entrepreneur just as today the maker movement is taking over the world. Going back to the tinkerers in their garages creating things that are meaningful to themselves as much as for the rest of the world.

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Creating Happiness

“How to make your students and yourself shine”

Ben’s talk is about making your classes inspiring and exciting, making the front row in class the most popular and how to implement lots of storytelling.

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Get off your high horse, lift your leadership

Let horses help you manage yourself and lead others

Do you want to increase your self-management and leadership skills in a non traditional way?
Then this workshop is for you!

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