Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing

Higher education institutes cannot do without research these days. Almost all of our conducted research is dedicated to the Aruban society. Students, lecturers and our scientific associates analyze and assess important (economic) trends with regard to their significance to the Aruban community. The Faculty of Accounting, Finance and Marketing also organizes many activities that benefit the society as a whole. Examples of these activities are i.e. projects benefiting our cultural heritage and projects regarding sustainable entrepreneurship on Aruba. Our students are also actively involved in Circle K activities and in the Red Cross of Aruba. For more information about the faculty’s research & social services, please contact the faculty Dean at joost.jacobs@ua.aw.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law of the University of Aruba conducts research and delivers services that benefit the Aruban society as a whole and the legal professional community in particular. The Faculty of Law conducts applied and scientific research in all legal fields. This faculty has its own research program, entitled ‘Small Jurisdictions’. This program focuses on the way Law functions in small jurisdictions like Aruba. Moreover, the faculty members publish their research findings in books and publications series like the SNAAR series and Aruba Iuridica, and in legal periodicals like the ‘Caribisch Juristenblad (CJB)’ and the ‘Nederlandse Juristen Blad (NJB)’.

Research competencies are also seen in the faculty students, as all students are required to make a final (research) thesis that is accessible to the public through the University Library. Furthermore, students participate in inter-faculty programs, like the ‘Research on cultural heritage,’ of which the results were presented in May, 2011.

For more information about the faculty’s research & social services, please contact the faculty Dean at viola.vanbogaert@ua.aw.

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management

The FHTMS prides itself by the scientific rigor we apply to all our programs, including research and development. Scientific research is a cornerstone in all our undergraduate and graduate programs through which we seek to advance know-how and know-why of tourism. Of particular interest to the FHTMS is the sustainability of tourism in small-island societies, in which we address economic, social, environmental and policy questions.

Research projects include:

Tourism Leadership & Governance
Tourism Marketing and Destination Branding
Measuring Tourism Value
Destination Business Intelligence
Effectiveness of Destination Management Organizations
Strategic Management of Tourism Enterprises
Socio-Economic Impacts of Tourism Development in small-Island States
Quality of Visitor Experiences
High-performance organizations in Hospitality & Tourism
Human Capital Development in Hospitality
Best Practices in Human Resource Management in Hospitality
Change Management in Hospitality & Tourism Management
Sustainable Development
Destination Performance & Competitiveness
Electronic Tourism and Multi-channel management
Return on Tourism Marketing Investments

The Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management Studies of the University of Aruba is active in social and community services. For more information about the faculty’s research & social services, please contact the faculty Dean at john.wardlaw@ua.aw.

Faculty of Arts and Science

Besides education, research and social services are the main tasks of the university as grounded in the ‘Landsverordening Universiteit van Aruba (LUA)’. As a young faculty, the FAS does not have a long history in the field of research and social services. This will change in the upcoming years when the FAS starts its own research program.

Research is an important part of the curriculum of the FAS programs, while students are encouraged to undertake social service activities as part of their education. The programs attend to the development of competencies directly related to the professional and contextual orientation of the student. Thus, they promote the role of the ‘researcher’ as one of the qualities of the future professional. By implementing research assignments in the modules we aim to have students experience some basic research. For example, in January 2010, students presented the results of their research connected to the project ‘Political and social awareness as reflected in Aruban and Caribbean songs.’ We also actively facilitate PhD research of our FAS lecturers, emphasize the relevance and importance of (other independent) research projects and other research assignments that are part of the research oriented focus and orientation of the FAS.

For the future we foresee that more lectures, seminars and workshops will be organized accessible to the public. The topics may be related to all kinds of issues of governance, social work, development, language, organization, and management.

For more detailed information about research and social services activities or opportunities by the FAS, please contact the faculty Dean at tim.croes@ua.aw