Do you want to increase your self-management and leadership skills in a non traditional way? Then this workshop is for you!
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Let horses help you manage yourself and lead others
When we tell someone to get off his high horse we are implying a criticism of arrogant behavior associated with a high position. But true leadership does not come with a position, it comes from within. The fact that several great leaders of our history were also very skilled horseback riders is just a telling sign that they really were exceptionally good leaders.
The king of Macedonia, Philip II first saw his son's exceptional leadership skills when he was able to ride a stallion that no one else could handle. Alexander could stay in the saddle because of his remarkable good eye for the situation, the control of his own temperament and his consideration for the horse, all qualities of a good leader. At that moment Alexander's father realised his son was very ready to assume the proud and commanding position that was expected of him. Now we know him as Alexander the Great.  
Even though most of you are not around horses anymore, the horses haven't lost their touch. Interacting with horses make you focus on the here and now, pay attention to where you are, what the situation is, your targets and how to get there. They do this by reading your body language, a skill they have mastered in the 6 billion years they are on this earth and during the 5000 years that people have engaged with them. Depending on your leadership skills, a horse will either follow and help you or do as he pleases....

What will you learn?
You will learn about practical leadership skills, body language and focusing attention all with the help of a horse. They act as the mirror that will show how you are doing, without judgement or consequences and in a very safe environment .

What is required?
No riding will be involved but we do ask that you come in comfortable clothing and sneakers

Harriette de Kool is a former business consultant and information analyst. She now focuses on training people to become more self-confident and able to manage themselves and others. She has been in Aruba for over 20 years, working in local business. In her spare time she trained her horses and studied hard in order to be your self-management coach. For more information please check out her website at

Where and When?
Date: Wednesdays 8 & 22 March, 5 april 2017 
Time: 4.00pm - 6.30pm
Place: to be announced
Language: Dutch
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