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March 1 & 2


AB-19, University of Aruba
L.G. Smith Blvd. 158
9.00 am-5.00 pm
Price : Awg. 750.00

Language: English


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The pay-off

By the end of the workshop the participants will:
  • Learn and understand the necessity for agility and innovation
  • Learn and understand the four dimensions to accelerate agility and innovation
  • Learn and understand which factors to influence to increase agility and innovation in their business
The key note is relevant for leaders, entrepeneurs, coaches and consultants.

The program
Once upon a time a focus on production and planning was enough to stay ahead of the curve. But we live in a turbulent world, with increasing complexity and uncertainty. So we have to come up with new answers. To thrive in a turbulent environment, we have to move from an individual leadership focus to an agile team focus.

Our research and more than 30 years of experience of implementing change in organizations has shown us that there are four dimensions, eight factors that determine if an organization can thrive in turbulent times. The dimensions are: anticipation, innovation, cooperation and direction.

This workshop will give you a head start, helping you understand  where the business might need an extra push, and how other businesses are accelerating their development.

he plan
The workshop is experiential, framed by plenary theory discussions.

The workshop will be given in English.
The facilitator
Drs. Sari van Poelje is an international consultant, executive coach an trainer. She is the managingdirector of INTACT, international training, coaching and consultancy. With offices in Budapest and Goteborg, and associated offices in Antwerp, Milan, Lyon and Paris, the company offers executive coaching, management consultancy and training programs for coaches, consultants and leaders.

Sari has 30 years experience of coaching and consulting with managers and directors in a multinational business setting. She has been a consultant and coach for such diverse companies as IFF, BMW, Claas, Carmeuse, ING, Prezi and GE. Sari has also fulfilled senior director roles in various international corporations such as KLM, EMI music, ASML and Shell for 23 years.

She is a licensed teaching and supervising transactional analyst, PCM trainer, NOBCO-EMCC accredited as a master coach, master systematic team coach and is currently applying for her ICF MCC. Her passion is co-creating change in an organizational setting and team agility. She has published numerous articles on leadership, coaching and organizational change.

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