Place: Aula of the University of Aruba
Date and time: October 26, 2017, 6.00-9.00pm
Participants: Youth till 25 years

Supporters: All other ages
Coordination: Rescue Our Future Foundation 
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The first pilot event of the global Young People’s Tribunal on the Future of Planet Earth (see will be held in Aruba, starting a series of local and regional meetings that will determine the best format for the global public tribunal, involving concerned youthful people and youth organizations from all over the world. Motivated by the inalienable right of the youth to a future in a world worth living in, the youth will oversee the tribunal, provide the attorneys, lawyers and judges, invite relevant experts to answer questions, and emit verdicts on those who endanger our stay on Earth, while demanding accountability and corrective actions to rescue our future.
Rescue Our Future Foundation calls upon all youthful people, youth organizations and institutions for youth affairs in Aruba to participate actively in this pioneer event of a global project that merges the voices of the youth in a demand for a livable future. For this occasion, the full board of the Foundation will be present in Aruba. To join this gathering or set up an informative or preparatory meeting with your organization, send an email to Glenn Sankatsing (, the board member of Rescue Our Future Foundation who coordinates the event.
Time has come for the youth of today to enhance its chances to populate the future by taking command of its destiny, telling the world, following a great moral philosopher: You do not have the right to choose, or even risk, nonexistence for future generations on account of a better life for the present one.
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