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Knowledge is today’s competitive advantage. Knowledge is power, although knowledge sharing can be even more powerful. It is also our most renewable resource, because unlike other resources, knowledge multiplies with sharing.

So it would make sense to ‘manage’ knowledge. But that’s easier said than done, as knowledge resides in our heads. Meanwhile, organizations dream: “If only we knew what we know”. And surely you have asked yourself; “Someone must have solved this problem before me!”.

Knowledge Management, the domain of designing knowledge flows in such a way that it adds value, from its creation, sharing and application. It helps to do more with less. To not reinvent wheels. To deliver faster based on others’ lessons learned. And to avoid others’ mistakes.

In this session,
Arno Boersma of the Aruba Centre of Excellence for the Sustainable Development of SIDS, and Neesham Spitzberg of the World Bank Group explain Knowledge Management by way of practical examples of projects they have done over the years.

November 2017
Time: 7.30 pm
Place: Room 4, University  of Aruba,
J.E Irausquinplein 4
Entrance: Free 
Arno Boersma has been working on knowledge management projects since the late ‘90s. He has more that 20 years experience in designing and implementing knowledge strategies for organizations - both public and private. Previously, he worked at the World Bank Group in Washington DC, where for 10 years he lead various knowledge management initiatives. While in the US, he has led initiatives such as the KM Association and GreenLiving DC, and guest lecturing at Columbia University. He studied Business Administration at RSM (The Netherlands) and FGV (Brazil). He is the Manager of the Aruba Centre of Excellence (COE) for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The COE is an initiative of the UNDP and the Government of Aruba. It aims to bridge islands of knowledge in sustainable development.
Neesham Spitzberg is experienced in designing and implementing corporate learning programs and knowledge management strategies. These initiatives focus on increasing organizational efficiency and maximizing client impact. She joined the World Bank Group in 2000, where at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) her current focus is on increasing skills and capacity around financial and non-final risk management at the executive level. She co-leads the World Bank Group Knowledge Management & Learning Community, is active in external professional associations, and regularly speaks to groups on the operationalization of knowledge and learning frameworks. She holds an MSc in Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics and a BA in International Studies and Economics from The Ohio State University.
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