Bon Bini, or Welcome!

Are you ready for the challenge? If so, then we hope to welcome you at the beginning of the new academic year as a student of the University of Aruba.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the University of Aruba (UA). The UA is a small unique university or can be referred to as an academic institution with interactive classes and much individual attention given to each student.

At the UA, both faculty and staff work to provide a positive learning environment through mutual respect and a shared vision of providing quality in education. The UA environment encourages intellectual exchange among students and professors in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

The UA is located in the historic La Salle Building in front of the post office in downtown Oranjestad and at our satellite office at the Apex Building on L.G.

Benefits of studying at the UA

Interactive and personal Guidance
Teamwork and Field Projects
International staff (visiting lectures)
Active Student body and activities
Exchange Program and Internships with USA, Curaçao and the Netherlands

Registration and Tuition

Registration is closed

The Four Faculties of the University

The University of Aruba currently offers degree programs at the Faculties of Law; Accounting, Finance & Marketing; Hospitality, Tourism Management & International Studies; Arts & Science. These Faculties offer educational programs and research activities, as well as services to society. Each of the Faculties is led by a Dean and the Faculty Council, with a representation of lecturers, students and administrative staff. The academic staff consists of full-time and part-time lectures and professors. The ratio of teaching staff to students allows for small classes and plenty of individual student guidance.

Extracurricular Possibilities

While academia is the primary area of concern, the UA offers students at the University the possibility to “unlock their creativity and potentials”.

Active student organizations at our University are: SUA (Student council), Kiwanis Circle K International service club, Youth Parliament and Unia magazine team.

We recognize that time spent at the UA is also an opportunity to make new friends and gain new life experiences.

Faculty of Law (FdR)

The FdR provides academic education and training for a Bachelor and a Master degree in Aruban law. In contrast to law studies at large universities in the Netherlands, FdR offers small classes with personal attention for each student. The undergraduate program (Bachelor) provides a three-year program, while the Master program is one year, with the possibility to specialize in three different profiles. They are: profile of Legal practice, Enterprise and Governance.

Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing (FEF)

The FEF provides a Bachelor in Accounting and Finance and a Bachelor in Marketing. The four-year program offers training for employment possibilities in banking, accounting, hospitality, and other management opportunities. After a one year ‘propedeuse’, students specialize for three years in either accounting & finance (BE) or marketing (CE).

Moreover FEF offers supporting classes to obtain an AA- accounting degree, as an extension of the BE program.

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management (FHTMS)

FHTMS focuses on conducting applied and scientific research and delivering services that benefit the Aruban hospitality community and tourism industry. The FHTMS consists of undergraduate and graduate programs. The three-year undergraduate program provides students with a scientific, research-based program emphasizing business principles and management theories of international business and the international tourism industry. The graduate program offers a business management development program leading to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Faculty of Arts and Science

The FAS is set up as a multi-study faculty, with a focus on social-cultural studies and humanities. Both research and social & community service opportunities and goals are available to FAS students.

Social Work & Development (SW&D)

The 4-year program provides students with a professional, research-based undergraduate program exploring from a developmental perspective , theory and practice regarding social work for the Aruban community. The program provides both the academic preparation and practical experience that students will need to enter and excel in social work professional fields of diversity and multiple developmental challenges.

Organization, Governance and Management (OGM)

The 4 year Bachelor program provides students with a scientific, research-oriented program and represents a joint venture between the academic fields of Organizational Sciences, Governance & Management. The study focuses on theories and practices, governance, organizational development, business processes, research and (inter) cultural concepts.