Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing (FEF)

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About the Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing

The Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing of the University of Aruba (FEF) is an educational institute that offers acknowledged bachelor programs in applied sciences. Our curriculum is structured and updated with the latest trends and developments of both the Aruban business community as well as the international academic community. With a balanced mix of professional lecturers and academic lecturers, we aim to stimulate students to broaden their scope internationally and to explore and cultivate their passions and talents.

Moreover: this faculty is likewise the Law-faculty (FdR) fully positively judged by the NVAO (please for more information about this see the heading: ‘Accreditation and Acknowledgment’, lower on this webpage

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The Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing of the University of Aruba (established in 1993) offers bachelor degree programs in Accounting & Finance (HBO-Bedrijfseconomie) and in Marketing (HBO-Commerciële Economie). Since 1997, more than 350 students have graduated at this faculty and have gained professional business skills and attitudes that easily meet labor market requirements. Therefore our graduates have ample employment opportunities in almost every industry sector and graduates who wish to continue their studies can either enroll for the MBA program at the University of Aruba or other master programs abroad. Our graduates who have decided to stay and work on Aruba are employed in different segments of the market: accounting firms, tax authorities, international import and export trade companies, hotels and the tourism industry, real estate businesses, marketing and research firms, the Central Bank of Aruba and commercial banks.


FEF has more than 350 graduate students, this picture shows Josette Croes who graduated in July 2016 as the 350th graduate student, on the right is pictured Roxanne Solognier-van Dinther, she graduated 3 years earlier as FEF’s 250th graduate student.


Studying at FEF

The Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing offers a dynamic 4-year program filled with theoretical courses and practical assignments. The theoretical courses assure a solid fundamental knowledge and the practical (group) assignments provide a realistic and professional framework in which the theory is applied. Our courses are given in either Dutch or English and they emphasize the international environment of the Aruban business community. To create the optimal learning experience, we have academic lecturers, professional lecturers from the Aruban business community and visiting lecturers from various other universities to stimulate the students’ minds.

Program Structure

Our program is constructed in a general first year called the propaedeutic year (‘Propedeuse jaar’) followed by a 3 year program in either Accounting & Finance (BE) or in Marketing (MA). Both programs offer a diversified curriculum in which theoretical courses are varied with internships and advanced elective courses. The final thesis of both programs concerns a research assignment at an organization. Upon successful completion of the program, the BE-students will be awarded with the title ‘Bachelor of Economics’ and the MA-students with the title ‘Bachelor of Commerce’.

Project 3de jaars

Learning environment

The Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing of the University of Aruba offers classes with personal attention for each student. This enhances active participation in class and provides an optimal learning environment for shared learning among students. Additionally, as part of our curriculum we require that our students explore the business community via their internship and final research assignment.


Accreditation & Acknowledgement

NVAO (Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie)

The Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders NVAO was established by the Dutch and Flemish governments as an independent accreditation organization tasked with providing an expert and objective assessment of the quality of higher education in the Netherlands and Flanders.

NVAO judgment

On November 19-21 2014, the FEF has been visited by the NVAO. At the end of the visit on Friday November 21, the chair of the audit panel provided brief feedback to the faculty, which we considered as a preliminary NVAO judgement. The audit panel was positive on all the 16 aspects the FEF was assessed on for both FEF’s Accounting & Finance and Marketing program.

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In April 2015, the FEF received the official judgments. In line with the preliminary NVAO judgments, FEF was indeed positively judged on all 16 aspects (standards). FEF is transparent towards the Aruban society and therefore you can download all the NVAO judgments as well as the related NVAO-reports at the top of this webpage.


Furthermore, we offer high quality programs that are well acknowledged by the NBA (Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie voor Accountants) in the Netherlands and by the major universities in the Netherlands, such as the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Tilburg University and Radboud University.

Academic Programs

Major-Minor Structure


FEF is the first faculty of the University of Aruba that started to use the major-minor structure for its bachelor courses in the academic year 2015-2016. The two majors FEF offers are “Accounting & Finance” and “Marketing”. All credits of one of these majors must be obtained to get your FEF-diploma.


When it comes to the minors, then the sky is the limit. A minor course has the purpose to go deeper in your discipline or to broaden your horizon by focusing on another academic discipline.

All 5 minors FEF is going to offer starting in September 2018 contain 30 EC’s and are related to:

  1. Accountancy & Control (Dutch; in collaboration with hboA&A)
  2. Advanced Advertisement and Design
  3. International Financial Management
  4. International Sustainable Entrepreneurship (in collaboration with Hanzehogeschool Groningen)
  5. New Media Marketing and Communications
  6. Health, Aging and Pensions (starts in September 2019)

Minor abroad with Erasmus+ Scholarships

Students can attend a minor at the FEF or choose for minor at another acknowledged program at the University of Aruba or abroad. For the latter, scholarships are available via Erasmus+.

Pre-master as a minor

Within the major-minor structure FEF students with good transcripts can already start a pre-master program at some universities in the Netherlands. A pre-master is a transfer program intended to bridge the gap between a bachelor’s program and a master’s program and serves to prepare the student for the master’s program. After negotiations with some Dutch universities and thanks to the positive NVAO judgment, it is now also possible to attend a pre-master’s program that provides direction for a subsequent master program but also makes at the same time part of FEF’s bachelor program. Then after receiving your FEF-bachelor diploma it will be possible to start directly in the subsequent master program or to reduce the pre-master period by half a year

Major Accounting & Finance

Students of this program are taught fundamental skills of accounting and finance, information management, internal control and management tasks. Accounting & Finance graduates have favorable employment opportunities and are almost assured of work. No matter what type of organization – whether it is a private organization or a governmental entity – there is always the need for financial control within organizations.

Major Marketing

The activities of a Marketing graduate focus more on the management of relationships between an organization and its environment. This relates mostly to sales and marketing activities. As we are living in a dynamic environment, organizations are constantly in need of people that are creative, that know how to manage projects and that can very easily understand someone else’s needs and wants. Therefore, Marketing graduates easily add value to profit as well as nonprofit organizations.

Admission requirements

Candidates meeting the admission requirements as mentioned in our Study Guide can register by using a registration form which is available at the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) at the University of Aruba or by clicking here. Candidates who have reached the age of twenty-one and do not meet the admission requirements can be admitted by the Minister of Education after having demonstrated through an admission exam (Colloquium Doctum) to have sufficient general knowledge and aptitude for the program. For further information of the Colloquium Doctum, please contact OSA at osa@ua.aw.

Become a chartered accountant (AA-accountant)

In collaboration with hboA&A FEF gives students the opportunity to quickly obtain an hbo accountancy degree for students with a BE (Accounting & Finance) or similar background. Moreover it also offers the theoretical part of the AA ‘post-Bachelor’ education. For more information, visit ua.aw/AA or contact Mr. Paul Vandormael at paul.vandormael@ua.aw.

FEF Alumni

The FEF has more than 400 alumni. After completing the Accounting & Finance or Marketing program and obtaining their bachelor’s degree, a FEF-alumni goes on to work in a variety of career fields. Companies and organizations where our alumni are employed include the Central Bank of Aruba, Ernst & Young, PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, CATC, Marriott Aruba, Aruba Tourism Authority, banks, wholesalers, hotels and utility companies, in other cases some move on to an entrepreneurial paths.

In the last decade, there has been a growing number of FEF alumni who continue their studies abroad. A completed FEF bachelor program gives you more guarantee to successfully complete a serious business related master study, then going abroad right after completing your secondary education in Aruba.

Investment Study Club University of Aruba

Aruba Investment Study Club University of Aruba (AISCUA) is the official investment group from the University of Aruba. The members pool their resources together to invest in exchange-traded securities. Meetings, competitions and speaker series provide opportunities to meet, socialize and work with other students.