Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

“At the University of Aruba we care about students’ success and we develop programs to unlock the potentials that will contribute to a lifelong learning experience.”

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is one of the offices of the University of Aruba that supports students to assume roles of leadership in a fast changing society.

Mission: “Striving to achieve and sustain a high level of satisfaction and to support students throughout their journey at the University of Aruba.”

The OSA continues to improve the methods and strategies adopted to facilitate students and faculties in taking the responsibility for their learning and development in higher education.

Scope of Work and Responsibilities

The OSA views itself as a partner in the pursuit of institutional goals and objectives. The OSA strives to achieve this by working on different areas of responsibility:

  • Student Administration

    The Office of Student Affairs of the University of Aruba is responsible for the application process of new students and the re-application process of current students.

    All prospective students are requested to enroll for the new academic year. All information can be obtained on our website as of June 1.

    Deadline for registration of new and current students.

    Deadline prospective students is July 15.

    Deadline payment of tuition fee is September 1.

    For information on CNaVT, TOEFL, SAT and Tuition Fee, contact OSA.

  • Student Care

    While academia is the primary area of concern, the UA offers students at the University the possibility to “unlock their creativity and potentials”.

    Active students organizations at our University are: SUA(Student Council), Kiwanis Circle K International service club, Youth Parliament and UNIA student magazine team.

    We recognize that time spent at the UA is also an opportunity to make new friends and gain new life experience.

  • Recruitment and Information

    The OSA together with the faculties is responsible to organize recruitment days and general information days for the general public. Some activities that are organized are:

    • General Information days in Fall & Spring.
    • Academic Experience: Secondary schools are invited to the University of Aruba to experience higher education.
    • In collaboration with different schools we give information session to prospective students.
    • Together with a great and high energy student team, OSA and Faculties plan and organize extensive fun-filled orientation days.

    Aside from the various informative activities that are organized you are always free to pass by the APEX building (next to ex-superfood) during office hours and receive all the information you may need.

  • Internationalization

    The University of Aruba offers its students a unique opportunity to enhance the university experience by taking the challenge to attend part of their studies abroad and/or to go abroad for their internships. OSA challenges students to “give studying abroad some thought,” as the University of Aruba has good working relationships with different universities in the Netherlands, USA, Curaçao, and neighboring islands.

  • Alumni

    As alumni of the University of Aruba, there are various ways to contribute, be engaged and to become actively involved at the UA. Be proud of all your accomplishments and never forget your experiences here at the University of Aruba.

Orientation Week

Feria di educacion y salud

The OSA is committed in fostering an integrated learning experience which will help students reach their educational, personal, and professional aspirations. From the entire team at the OSA we encourage you to embrace your college years and make the best use of opportunities at the University of Aruba to change, grow, and transform yourself so you are prepared to contribute to an ever changing world.

For General Information or Questions

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