The University of Aruba welcomes our new students to what will be the beginning of their journey to explore endless possibilities. Students will become familiar with the University’s academic and student life through a unique and exciting program including various activities and events.

Our students, staff and faculty go to great lengths to ensure that the new students get settled in for the coming academic year. You can attend campus tours, events, professional development workshops and sessions and meet clubs and societies. Engagement inside and outside of the classroom is what distinguishes the University of Aruba. Our goal is to show our students how they can be the change to build a better future, in our community and beyond. Participating in these events and activities will introduce you to new ideas, friends and provide opportunities for personal growth and advancement in a learning environment.

Students Orientation Week 2017
Students Orientation Week 2017
Volunteers Orientation Week 2017

“Great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great”

Mark Twain