Students of the University of Aruba are offered exciting opportunities in connection to their study or other related academic experiences, which will help their personal development, build their knowledge, and expand their horizons. These opportunities are often jeopardized out due to financial constraints. The purpose of the Student Development Fund is to assist start-up projects or initiatives which contribute to the objective of overall student development at the University of Aruba.

The Student Development Fund was established by the Office of Student Affairs of the University of Aruba to support the ambitions of the students. The aim is to build a sustainable fund to provide students with valuable micro-finance assistance for years to come. To achieve our goal we need support from our growing business community and alumni. We want as many students as possible to achieve their goals and have the best experience they can while studying at the University of Aruba. Applications to the fund can be submitted by students who are actively involved at the UA community at large, in an organization, or in their faculty.