Who is SUA

The student council of the University of Aruba or Studentenraad van de UA has been a dream initiated by SUA in establishment, which became reality on the 16th of November 2012; when the first official board was elected. The board consists of representative of each faculty, which the students themselves had the opportunity to vote for the one that will best represent their faculty. Together the representatives of each faculty are the representatives of all students of the UA, dedicating their free time to all the student of the University of Aruba.


SUA serves as the voice of every UA student. We make it a priority to help the students in any way we can & to the best of our abilities.
Through access with the Rector & College van Curatoren we have the ability to intermediate & give advice as to decisions that will affect the UA students. The opportunity is also used to bring forth any other suggestions or concerns that students may have


  • The submission of important matters of the students of the University.
  • The ability to promote openness and transparency and consultation within the University
  • The guard against discrimination of students
  • To represent the interests of the students of the University


There are various positions within the board such as the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, public relations officer, and of course the board members themselves.
The president ensures that everything goes as planned and normally are the ones in charge of the meeting. The secretary is responsible for all the notes that must be taken in every meeting that the SUA may have. The treasures functions as our accounting and financing department and our public relations officer takes care of our social media, press release, radio tour, articles and much more. The board members have the task of overseeing that everything is done and on an ethical and transparent manner and to the benefits of the students.


Most of our meeting are open to any student who might want to attend. In our meetings we discuss any issues, concerns or problems that may be present; we also seek for possible solutions and the best way to address these issues. Any board member is allowed to add an extra point that must be taken care of in the meetings and students joining the meeting are also allowed to do that. Every meeting is different because we continuously get new projects to work on.
Besides our SUA meetings we also have meetings with other organization in relation to any problems or new projects.

Student Comments