Social Work and Development


Accreditation NVAO

On March 24, 2017 the NVAO (nederlands- vlaamse accreditatie-organisatie) gave their positive advice on the quality of the hbo-bachelor program Social Work and Development.

“Social Work and Development is a four-year Bachelor programme, having both a professional and research orientation. The learning outcomes are operationalised by 11 core competencies. According to the panel, these competencies are clearly in line with international standards for a programme in Social Work and Development. The competencies are adequately translated in the curriculum, and the internationally recognised knowledge areas can be found back in the modules. The teaching concept, contextualised interactive teaching, is in line with the objectives of the programme. The panel concludes that all twelve standards of the NVAO framework are met.”

To read the whole report visit their website.

The Team of the Faculty of Arts & Science 2017

General Information


While Aruba is confronted with various socio-economic challenges, the profession of Social Work in Aruba is considered young and evolving and welcomes individuals with drive and initiative. The FAS, therefore, offers an exciting and well-balanced academic program in Social Work and Development.

This academic program is tailored for those passionate and fascinated in acquiring knowledge of human and social behavior and developing competencies to empower vulnerable individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities in our society. The main goal of this program is to contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of life of the Aruban and the global community.

The Bachelor Arts degree in SW&D is a four (4) year full-time program offered in the FAS which positions and trains individuals to become competent professional social workers ready to work in a diverse, multi-cultural and multi-lingual society. Graduates may find careers in a wide array of foundations, governmental, non-governmental social service agencies and also in private sector organizations. Social workers have a variety of specialized options in the field which includes clinical, medical, community, youth, policy and advocacy among others.

Admission Requirements
  • E.P.I. level 4, HAVO, VWO or equivalents
  • Bachelors Degree in another field
  • Colloquium Doctum
  • A minimum final score of 550 for the Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or equivalent test

Osiris Student

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Social Work & Development – First Graduates

David Leer is Social Work & Development’s first graduate. David graduated on September 26, 2014. Title of his thesis: Identifying Risk Factors Affecting Youth: Callous-Unemotional and Psychopathology Traits – A Case Study of one School in Aruba.

Jenny Donata is Social Work & Development’s second graduate. Jenny graduated on September 29, 2014. Title of her thesis: Confidentiality and Social Workers in the public sector.

Yorenne Arends is Social Work & Development’s third graduate. Yorenne graduated on October 3, 2014. Title of her thesis: Lack of Affection from Mothers: its Effects on the Self-Esteem and the Ability of Four to Six Year Old Daughters to make Friends.