Kick off of Double Degree Master Programme in International and European Tax Law 2016-2017

Full of anticipation and excitement, the first students of the Double Degree Master Programme in International and European Tax Law are attending the first group meetings of the academic year 2016-2017.
The prestigious programme is the result of the intensive cooperation between Maastricht University and the University of Aruba and is welcomed by the Government from both Aruba and the Netherlands.

On Monday, September 5, the Minister of Finance and Government Organization of Aruba, Mr. Angel R. Bermudez, along with Prof. Dr. Anouk Bollen-Vandenboorn of Maastricht University, also Director of the Double Degree Master Programme, formally launched the programme.

Education is provided by an international group of lecturers and professors from among others Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, the United States, Venezuela and Aruba.

The programme is aimed at students and professionals who are already working or want to work in an international environment and provides expertise in an international tax playing field, making connections with European tax law and doing so from an international perspective, with particular focus on the tax systems in the Caribbean region and Latin America.

During the year, the following modules will be offered:
– Comparative Corporate Taxation
– Comparative Dutch Caribbean and Latin American Tax Law
– International and European Tax Law
– International Taxation of Business Income
– US Tax Law
– International Tax Planning and Transfer Pricing
– Global and EU Perspectives on Consumption Taxes
– Cross-Border Taxation of Human Capital
The programme starts each year in September. However, please note that these modules can also be followed independently in course format.

Should you have any questions or comments, you may contact the coordinator of the DDP programme in Aruba: Ms. Sandy P. van Thol ( Registration for the academic year 2017-2018 is already open. More information can be found at:

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Kick off Academic Foundation Year at the University of Aruba

On Thursday, September 1, the new program of the University of Aruba called Academic Foundation Year was launched in the Aula of the university. 65 new students have started this new program that aims to bridge the gap between high school and higher education. The students will be trained in language skills, research skills and thinking skills and will go through a coaching trajectory that has been tailor made for the program. Students in the Foundation Year will get the opportunity to participate in courses at the faculties of the university as well as electives offered by the program itself so they can experience the characteristics and challenges of the academic disciplines.

The Minister of Education, Lifelong Learning and Family Affairs, mrs. Michelle Hooijboer-Winklaar, took the time to come and greet the new students of the new program. She underscored the fact that the Academic Foundation Year is a great opportunity for the students of Aruba to be better prepared for their academic careers. She also congratulated the Foundation Year team and the University of Aruba for a tremendous job in designing the curriculum, providing the facilities and creating a new teaching and coaching team.

In order to facilitate the program, the University of Aruba has expanded its facilities with new flexible workspaces for the Foundation Year team and two temporary classrooms to make sure that the students will be accommodated with all the facilities they need. The new facilities were officially opened in the presence of the students and staff at the end of the introductory program.

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International and European Tax Law

On February 11, 2016, Maastricht University and the UA signed a cooperation agreement between the faculties of law on a double degree master programme in International and European tax law. This agreement is the first one of its kind in Aruba! Students who successfully complete this program , will receive two degrees (one from each university). For more info, visit:  or contact Ms. Sandy van Thol LL.M (
Double Degree FdR Signing

Eén studie, twee diploma’s

Eén studie, twee diploma’s is een artikel gepubliceerd in de Aruba Dushi Tera tijdschrift. Het artikel gaat over de aanbod van een “Double Degree Master Programme in International and European Tax Law. Klik op onderstaand plaatje om het artikel te lezen.

Aruba Dushi Tera Tijdschrift

General Information

160419 General Information Double Degree Programme

FEF – Integrated Project: “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

“The prize for the overall-winner of the 3rd Integrated Project went to “Crioyo Restaurant”, which group made a business concept for an authentic Aruban restaurant to help develop the economy on the east end of the Island of Aruba. The student team consisted of Rachel Tromp, Kimberly Figaroa, Michelle Navarro and Stephany Wathey. On the picture you see Kimberly, Rachel and Michelle (from the left to the right) accompanied with two of the five guiding lecturers. The winners get a check with a total value of Afl. 500, donated by the RBC Bank. On behalf of the FEF we herewith congratulate the winning team, and thank all the students for their great effort, their hard work and their creativity, perseverance and idealism for creating a better community by doing good business. Pabien!”

FEF Team Project Social Innovation Winners March 2016

International Project FEF

On Thursday October 15th the closure of the International project was held in APEX building in which students had to develop a strategic partnership between a Dutch (Vopak) and an American company (Valero). Our Aruban students represented the management of Valero and students of the University of Utrecht represented that of Vopak.

During the presentations, students had to convince the stakeholders of both companies by elaborating on the synergy value of the cooperation in the form of a take-over by Valero.

The (real) company Valero – Aruba sponsored a prize for the group which performed the best presentation. The winning group of Aruba consisted of: Meldrick Solognier, Nilson Esteba, Gissiane Barros, Gregory Franken and Jalyn Madayag. On the picture you see the winners from left to right with the issued certificate.

Foto Int project

Erasmus Charter

The University of Aruba has recently been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and is now in the process of establishing exchange agreements with partner universities abroad to enable students and staff from the University of Aruba to apply for financing for a period of study/training abroad as of the academic year 2015-2016 and to allow students and staff from participating universities abroad to experience university life in Aruba!  For more information, questions and inquiries, contact the Office of International Affairs:

Erasmus Charter_Feb. 2015a-page-001

FEF Publications

New investment articles published on FEF’s website 

 On a regular basis FEF lecturers conduct research in the field of investment analysis. The resulting articles are not only published in investor magazines in the Netherlands, but can also be used in the FEF-courses and in the meetings of the ISCUA (the investment study club of the university of Aruba).

For the month of January two articles have been published:

  1. Royal Bank of Canada: the best bank in North America
    • RBC was one of the very few banks that did not need government support in 2008.
    • RBC was even strong enough to expand during the crisis as it acquired RBTT
    • The competitive landscape of the Canadian banking system is totally different from the cut throat American banking system.
  2. Pig cycle in the oil business…been there, done that
    • oil prices have dropped sharply in recent months
    • the drop in prices is caused both by factors on the supply side and demand side
    • price development of recent years follows a clearly recognizable pattern, which is called the pig cycle
    • there have been pig cycles before in the oil business. historical parallel shed light on most likely future development of the oil prices.
    • the final version of the article has been made freely available to investors at the website of a well known Dutch investor community.


herewith the link to the articles:

UA-UCU Undergraduate Research Exchange Program

The University of Aruba (UA) and University College Utrecht (UCU) have an agreement for international student mobility.

A special project between the UA and UCU is the Undergraduate Research Exchange Program: students in their final year are provided the opportunity to work on their thesis research or on a specific research assignment in a multidisciplinary student group. Students from all faculties and disciplines are welcome, as long as their research has meaning for the Aruban community. This project is organized for the second year. The preliminary results of the second edition can be found by clicking on the picture below. For more information on this program or to apply for the program, contact

Book UAUCU 2016 Cover