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News & Events

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  • LAW

    The Faculty of Law (FdR) provides academic education and training for the Bachelors and Masters Degree examination in Aruban Law

  • Accounting, Finance and Marketing

    The Faculty for Accounting, Finance and Marketing (FEF) offers acknowledged bachelor programs in applied sciences in Accounting & Finance (HBO-Bedrijfseconomie) and in Marketing (HBO-Commerciële Economie).”

  • Hospitality and Tourism Management

    The Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism management (FHTMS) provides business, (non-) government, and professional communities of Aruba and the region with well-trained, qualified graduates in the areas of Aruban Hospitality & Tourism and International Business Management.

  • Arts and Science

    The Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) aims to offer a substantial expansion of the possibilities for higher education in Aruba, as well as the expansion of research and social services in the field of social-cultural studies and humanities.